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Your website is very much part of your marketing plan and Responsive Website Design (RWD) promises to give your plan extra leverage. RWD's are not cheap, but you can "Save Big" if you are a Greene County, NY establishment.

We're talking 25% Off Big on already discounted Rates.

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Responsive Design Is Key!

Consumers are using their smartphones 24/7 & expecting to interact with them as they would a desktop. However, they become frustrated with sites that are not mobile friendly.

"An unfriendly site hurts your business!"

  • 44% complain that navigation was difficult
  • 52% of users said they would be less likely to engage with a company if the mobile experience on their site was bad
  • 48% of users become frustrated and annoyed when sites are not properly optimised for mobile devices
  • 36% of users say they consider time spent on a poorly optimized site to be a complete waste of time

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Responsive Design Definition

What Is Responsive Website Design

RWD which is short for Responsive Web Design is a framework used to construct websites that render aesthetically across hundreds of devices without losing functionality.

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Benefits of Responsive Design

Google is a huge fan of Responsive Website Design and highly recommends the use of fluid sites. A properly developed Responsive Site supports Google indexing and your SEO profile.

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Did You Know?

Local statistics on mobile shopping
  • 46% look up prices on a stores mobile site
  • 61% of local searches result in purchases
  • 62% search for deals

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The cost of a website should not be a guessing game and you shouldn't have to go through a sales pitch before you realize cost. Get an instant idea what your project would cost.

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